!The movie
* ActorAllusion: Julie, played by Teri Garr, dancing to "Last Train to Clarksville" and enthusing over Music/TheMonkees. One of Garr's early film appearances was in the Monkee movie ''{{Film/Head}}''. The clip of Julie [[AscendedMeme was part of the opening video montage played during the 2013 Monkees reunion concert tour]].
* RealitySubtext / WriteWhatYouKnow: Creator/MartinScorsese has said that Paul's mounting frustration and failure was a reflection of his own state of mind following the studio's recent cancellation of his dream project, which would later become ''Film/TheLastTemptationOfChrist''.
* ThoseTwoActors:
** Five years before playing a married couple in ''Film/HomeAlone'', Creator/CatherineOHara and John Heard are in this film, and they both end up in the mob chasing Paul (and there's a brief shot of them talking to each other).
** And of course Creator/CheechAndChong as the burglars.

!The WebOriginal series
* MissingEpisode: Before firing most of the cast, a SeriesFinale was filmed. However, ''Cracked'' has elected not to release it as part of its attempt to keep the firings quiet.
* From "The Only 8 Types of TV Shoes That Ever Get Made": Michael probably didn't know this when he suggested it, but there actually ''is'' a "Detective Dinosaur" series out there. It's a book series called ''Literature/AnonymousRex'', and it's about a Velociraptor working as a PrivateDetective in LA--in a world where dinosaurs have survived into the present day, and use holograms to disguise themselves and live among humans.