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Trivia: Ace of Base
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: The group had gain some popular in Denmark, even becoming honorably Danes, before their native Sweden finally took them serious.
    • "Everytime It Rains" and "Beautiful Morning" did well in Romania.
    • The group was also very successful in Chile.
    • The group's Flowers album was No.1 seller in Greece and Switzerland, while it was able to be a Top 10 Hit in Denmark, Finland, Mexico, Hungary and Germany.
  • What Could Have Been: "The Juvenile" was originally written as The Golden Eye to become the theme song for the 1995 Bond movie; it didn't.
    • Linn actually did a song about the struggle of the Sami people called Lapponia for the Flowers album but the track was rejected it.
    • The song, "Everytime It Rains" was originally written for Annie Lennox before Jenny volunteered to do the song. However, Clive Davis forced Linn to do the song, instead Jenny.
  • Significant Birth Date:
    • Linn was on October 31, 1970, which was Saturday and Halloween.

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