Trivia / A.I.: Artificial Intelligence

  • Author Existence Failure: Fortunately, Spielberg was Kubrick's backup director.
  • Big Name Fan: This film is greatly admired by film-makers like Ken Russell, Billy Wilder and avant-garde maestro Stan Brakhage.
  • Doing It for the Art: Jude Law worked with a choreographer for months to nail down Gigolo Joe's dancing and general mannerisms.
  • Saved from Development Hell: Kubrick read the story and hired the author to write a treatment in the early 1970s, invited Spielberg to work with him in 1985, and only decided to take the project off after Spielberg's '93 productions (Schindler's List made Kubrick give up on a similar adaptation, and Jurassic Park convinced him that CGI could bring the project to life). Then he wanted to start the project after Eyes Wide Shut, but his eventual death in 1999 lead Spielberg to fully take over.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Stanley Kubrick was the original director, but the film languished in Development Hell until Kubrick died in 1999.
    • Gigolo Joe was originally conceived by Kubrick as a GI Mecha, but screenwriter Thomas Watson suggested changing him to a male prostitute.
    • Chris Cunningham was originally the special effects supervisor when the project was being developed in the early '90s. None of his work ended up in the final film.
    • Part of the reason Kubrick's vision of the film languished in Development Hell for so long was was because he wanted the main character to be played by an actual robot. As of this writing, such robots are still impossible.