Fridge: A.I.: Artificial Intelligence

Fridge Brilliance

Fridge Horror
  • The "Trenton incident", mentioned in the movie, was revealed in the novelization. A homeless, drunk man was scanned with malfunctioning equipment and ripped apart on stage at the Flesh Fair, them thinking he was a mecha. This adds an extra element to the crowd's protests at the very life-like David being part of the Flesh Fair.
  • What happens to Teddy?
  • Let me get this straight... by the end David discovers that his model of child-robot is being mass-produced, so that childless couples can purchase their own David or Darla who will love them unconditionally, just like a real child. However, as has been pointed out elsewhere, nobody wants to take care of a child forever. Add to this the fact that apparently humans consider Mechas to be disposable, to be thrown away when they no longer serve their purpose or even when their human owners get tired of them. How many Davids and Darlas wound up abandoned and crying for their parents?
  • The entire ending. David gets to see his mom again after 2000 years waiting to see her again. But he can only see her for one day and then she either dies or disappears forever. The last scene we see is them sleeping cutely while Teddy looks on. Poor David's going to wake up to a nasty surprise. And what's he going to do afterward? Is he going to have to spend the rest of his life without her and with just Teddy for company? Or will he do the unthinkable to "join her"?

Fridge logic
  • Would a lock of hair contain all that persons memories as well?Or are the future robots using some kind of as yet unknown technology to do that?And just how logical is it that clones would only live for one day?