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The Smurfette Principle: Music

  • In the banter for the Arrogant Worms song Mounted Animal Nature Trail they talk about Northern Ontario: "There are thirteen people who live there, all of whom are named Frank. Even the girl."
  • In The Protomen's Mega Man Rock Opera (also known as The Protomen), Dr. Light's girlfriend Emily is the only female character to have lines.
  • Bands where male musicians are fronted by a female lead singer: Babe Ruth, for instance, fronted by lion-lunged Jenna Haan.
  • Unlike other genres, it is still rare for a hip-hop label to have more than one female rapper at the same time, especially for solo acts. These women generally wind up falling into two roles: hyper-sexualized Ms. Fanservices (Trope Codifier Lil Kim, Nicki Minaj, Trina, Shawnna, and Olivia for Bad Boy Entertainment, YMCMB, Slip-n-Slide, Disturbing tha Peace, and G-Unit, respectively) or projecting a less sexual One of the Boys image (Trope Codifier MC Lyte, Lady of Rage, Yo-Yo and Da Brat for First Priority, Death Row, Lench Mob and So So Def, respectively). Post-Lil Kim, the former category has become more prominent, though, since the late 90s, more female emcees have found a happy medium between emphasizing their vocal prowess and sexual expression (former Flipmode artist Rah Digga and Eve, from Ruff Ryders). The one-girl-to-a-team rule has notably been averted by Murder Inc. (who featured Charli Baltimore, Lil' Mo and Vita), and Def Jam which, for a short period during the 2000s hosted Foxy Brown, Lady Sovereign, Unladylike, Shareefa, and Shawnna, simultaneously.
  • The Jefferson Airplane, an all-male band fronted by singer Grace Slick.
  • The Patti Smith Group: Patti sang and played guitar.
  • Rock bands are mostly all men, or have just one female member, who is usually the lead singer. Or the bass player. Subverted with the Christian Rock quartet Skillet which features two women (the rhythm guitarist and the drummer, respectively).
    • Also Heart, fronted by sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson.

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