The Other Darrin: Music

  • UK band Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich have had to replace three of their number over the years, but always used the same Stage Name for each musician. Rhythm guitarist John "Beaky" Dymond was replaced by Paul "Beaky" Bennett, and he was later replaced by Anthony Stephen "Beaky" Carpenter. Similarly, drummer Michael "Mick" Wilson was replaced by John "Mick" Hatchman.
  • The members of the Village People changed several times, although the personas (Cowboy, Cop, Indian, Biker, Soldier, Construction Worker) remained the same.
  • In the Eurobeat genre, several different singers may use a certain artist name over time.
  • KISS provides an odd example: though they still are referred to by their proper names, Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer have taken the makeup designs of their predecessors Ace Frehley and Peter Criss. This wouldn't be an issue, but for the fact that in the past, Eric Carr and Vinnie Vincent received their own unique makeup designs.
  • The Beatles' version of "Love Me Do" that is heard on the Past Masters CD has Ringo Starr as its drummer. The version that got released as a single outside of the UK and Canada, and on the Please Please Me album in 1963, has Andy White in the beat seat (this version is identifiable by a tambourine played by Ringo), and the Anthology version features original drummer Pete Best.