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Tearjerker: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit
  • Wallace's reaction to learning that he's the were-rabbit everyone's been hunting. He starts desperately trying to fix a device that might reverse the process, only to find that his brain is pretty much "rabbit mush". He ends up breaking down, sobbing "Oh Gromit, I don't want to be a giant rabbit!"
    • When he transforms again, the sheer panic in his voice as he desperately begs Gromit to help him.
    "You've gotta help me, Gromit! Hide me! Anything! Before it's too late!"
    • Victor locks Gromit in a cage while he goes after the Were-Rabbit (Wallace). Gromit desperately tries to get out for a few minutes. Then he slumps, and, even though there's no sound and we can't see his face, it's clear that he's crying.
    • Gromit crying over the seemingly dead Were-Rabbit Wallace. Granted he comes back to life, but it was almost to the point of seeing a character many of us were introduced to at childhood die.
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