Heartwarming / The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

  • The opening sequence, with Gromit growing up from puppy to the dog we know and love.
  • At the conclusion of the fight with Victor, Gromit and the Were-Rabbit share a high-five — which leads Gromit to let go of his safety line. Were-Rabbit Wallace sees what is going to happen and dives into open air to catch him, cradling the dog against his chest as he falls.
    • Shortly after Wallace seemingly dies after saving Gromit, Gromit revives him with a slice of Stinking Bishop cheese and then we have the following:
      "It's me again! I'm back! Gromit! You clever mutt! Well done, old pal! (dances around, hugging Gromit)
  • Hutch going to the bunny preserve at Lady Tottington's. While she and Wallace didn't end up together, she'll always have him there in some form.
    Hutch: (as he's sent flying out of the Bun-Vac and into the air) CHEEEEEESSSSSEEEEE!!!!
  • Gromit's Undying Loyalty to Wallace. His master may exasperate him to no end, yet at the end of the day he cares about Wallace very dearly.