Funny / The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

The entire movie is one long series of sight gags, silent snarking, and puns, but these moments stand out above the others:
  • When Wallace is about to give the Mind Manipulation O-Matic its first try. Gromit is so Genre Savvy it hurts.
    Wallace: I haven't tested it yet, but it should be perfectly safe. Just a bit of harmless brain alteration, that's all.
  • Gromit and Victor's dog, Phillip, are fighting on one of the merry-go-round cars...only for it to stop after running out of money. Gromit is scrambling for change, when Phillip pulls a flowery purse from somewhere, pulls out some money and sticks up in the meter, grinning at Gromit before resuming the fight.
  • Towards the end, when Victor gets his pants caught on a weathervane:
    Reverend: Beware, the Moon!
  • Gromit pulls off what just might be the most perfect facepalm in movie history.
  • The "big trap": a gigantic female Were-Rabbit puppet controlled by Gromit in the back of the Anti-Pesto van. Even funnier when Wallace doesn't see the upcoming tunnel and keeps driving.
    Wallace: You're a total knockout! *WHACK*
    • Later, Gromit uses the female Were-Rabbit puppet to lure Were-Rabbit Wallace away from danger. Upon seeing the female Were-Rabbit, Were-Rabbit Wallace brushes back his ears and then chases after the female Were-Rabbit, grabs its paw and carpets the arm with kisses, before pinching the female Were-Rabbit's tail. Gromit's eyes widen, before he indignantly slaps Were-Rabbit Wallace.
  • Gromit, sitting alone in the car, turns on the radio waiting for Wallace to come back and hears a couple bars of "Bright Eyes" before rolling his eyes and shutting it off.
  • Victor's Humiliation Conga, complete with Gromit dusting his paws of him before stomping back into the tent to tend to the Were-Rabbit.
  • An annoyed Victor slamming shut the window because Dramatic Thunder keeps punctuating the Vicar's exposition.
  • Hutch's quotes that are taken from previous W&G shorts are hilarious in their new context.
    Aww, the bounce is gone from his bungee!
  • Appropiately, Lady Tottington uses Pansy Spray, applied to the eyes, to keep Victor from shooting Were-Rabbit Wallace.
  • After a fearful Were-Rabbit knocks a vase off the roof...
    PC Mackintosh: Stand back! There may be a large rabbit dropping!
  • When Wallace finds himself nude after returning to normal, he grabs a nearby box to cover himself up. On the label? "May Contain Nuts."
  • When Wallace gets stuck in the chute leading to the kitchen, he asks Gromit for assistance. Said assistance is a giant mallet that comes out of the wall and pounds Wallace through like a ten-penny nail.
    Wallace: Gromit, ol' pal, I'll need assistance!
    (Gromit pulls another lever labeled "assistance"; a giant mallet comes out of Wallace's closet and WHACKS him though the hole!)
    Wallace: OUCH!!
  • The policeman telling the church organist to knock off his dramatic organ pounding during the Vicar's exposition.
  • META: At the following year's Academy Award ceremony, Nick Park and co. wore oversized novelty bowties with their tuxes. When they went up to get their award, they brought one along for the Oscar statue!
  • When Victor comes to talk to the Reverend about the Beast this exchange occurs.
    Rev. Clement Hedges: Everything you need to know is in this book.
    (Victor eyes a magazine on the table that says)
    Victor Quartermaine: "Nun-Wrestling?"
    Rev. Clement Hedges: No, no. I meant this book.
    (lays a big book on the table that says "The Observer's Book of Monsters".)
  • Victor ramming a pitchfork in Lady Tottington's hair.
    Victor Quartermaine: Hmm...I rather like your hair pinned back.
    • Which becomes a visual gag later when the pitchfork holes are covered with plasters! (band-aids for Americans)
  • This gem during the Festival where everyone thinks the Beast is dead and praises Victor as a hero. And when Victor tries to whisper the truth to the Constable, who accidentally blurts it out through the megaphone.
    PC McIntosh (into megaphone): Oi, you!
    Victor Quartermaine: Excuse me, Constable?
    PC McIntosh(into megaphone): Careful with them capsicums.
    Victor Quartermaine (whispering): Listen, I don't want to cause any panic, but the beast isn't actually dead yet...
    PC McIntosh: (into megaphone): THE BEAST ISN'T ACTUALLY DEAD YET?!
    [The festival comes to a screeching halt as everybody stares in shock in Victor's direction]
    PC McIntosh: (into megaphone): Oops...
    (Crowd screams and panics)
  • Also there is the gem just before this scene, with Victor and Phillip quietly waiting for the Ware-Rabbit/Wallace to appear. Cue being found by a festival goer.
    Victor Quartermaine: Now we just have to wait for Pesto to appear.
    (Festival goer appears in Victor's scope, blocking the view of the festival)
    Festival Goer:(Loudly) Ay look, everyone! It's Victor!
    (Everyone starts milling around him)
    "Another Festival Goer: Kiss my Carrot!
    Victor Quartermaine: (annoyed) Out of my way!
    Yet Another Festival Goer: Kiss my potato!
    Victor Quartermaine: (slightly flustered) N-no!
    Mr Growbag: Kiss my Arrrrrtichoke!
  • Wallace blowing raspberries at Lady Tottington, a noblewoman, while in the middle of his were-rabbit transformation.