Tear Jerker / Puella Magi Kazumi Magica

Many fans have made this same face while reading this series.

In keeping with the theme of breaking your heart the parent series started, Kazumi Magica will make you cry like a little girl. (Not unlike the page image.)

  • The backstory of Airi and the original Yuuri in chapter 5.
  • "Yuuri"/Airi's death scene in chapter 6. The entire team is so heartbroken that even Niko and Saki look like they're about to cry.
    • Made Harsher in Hindsight with the Chapter 13 reveal that Kazumi is a clone of the original who had previously turned into a witch and died presumably at the hands of the Pleiades. If this is how the Pleiades react to vanquishing a former foe then one could only imagine the anguish they must have felt when killing one of their own especially the one who saved their lives.
  • At the end of chapter 6, when Kazumi eats Tachibana's parfait and thinks about Airi and Yuuri...realizing she's eating what they never got the chance to have.
  • In chapter 10, the backstory of every Pleiade but Kazumi. Getting hit with a witch's kiss is just the beginning.
    • Satomi's cat dying. It's made heartrending by Satomi realising that she could have saved it, and her wish being to be able to speak to animals so that she won't accidentally let one die again.
  • Chapter 12 shows Kazumi's wish which was for her ill comatose grandmother to open her eyes for one last time. Jyubey asks Kazumi why she doesnt just wish the sickness away. Kazumi, crying, responds that she wants to but that her grandma wouldn't want it since it would go against her way of life. The next few panels show her grandmother teaching Kazumi on how to make her trademark strawberry risotto as well as telling her on how important it is to keep on living. Kazumi then says that her grandma passed away the next day.
  • Chapter 13. We find out that the cheerful, friendly Kazumi shown in the previous chapter's flashbacks had turned into a witch long ago and was subsequently killed and that the current Kazumi is a clone made by the Pleiades Saint in an attempt to revive her. Needless to say, Kazumi did not take the truth well.
    • Chapter 14 actually shows us in detail what happened. What should have been a day of celebration, with Umika's book being published and the girls reminiscing about the day they met Kazumi and how their lives had changed for the better ends with Michiru becoming a witch while cooking her signature dish, blowing the roof off of her grandmother's house and revealing the truth to the others.
  • Chapter 14 has Satomi forcing Kazumi with to attack and kill the other clones with Fantasma Bisbiglio. One of Michiru's other clones (the fourth, going by the roman numerals on her face) actually asks Kazumi to kill her, right before Satomi stabs the both of them through the chest.
    • During Satomi's talk with Kazumi, the view shifts to Niko and Mirai who are listening in. The whole chapter goes by with neither rushing to her aid. Looks like Satomi isnt the only one who considers Kazumi disposble.
    • Chapter 15 reveals all of the Pleiades except Kaoru finds Kazumi expendable.
  • Chapter 18 Saki... I love you.
    • And then we find out the copy!Niko that turned into a witch in Chapter 9 was the real Niko & the one that we've been seeing is a duplicate Kanna Hijiri that was formed from the her wish that's out for revenge against the Pleides. Of course, this is only shown after Saki turns into a witch & kills Mirai meaning that they both died thinking that one of their friends had betrayed them, even though it wasn't true. And this occurs after another of their friends, Satomi had brainwashed Saki into trying to kill Kazumi, attacking Kaoru & Umika in the process.
  • Chapter 19, oh god Chapter 19.
    • Saki's witch disposition was sisterly love, and it was the reason she ended her life for Kazumi.
    • Umika telling Kanna that although Kazumi is fake, her heart is real and no one can recreate it.
  • Chapter 21: The fact that Kazumi put in effort to defeat the Souju's witches, and it didn't drop the Grief Seed she needs to purify Umika and Kaoru's Soul Gems. And the chapter ends with Kazumi clinging to her friends' bodies crying "please!".