Tearjerker: Ju-on

  • Izumi's dream/vision (Or Was It a Dream?) of Toyama is incredibly sad.
    • Chiharu's death scene is also extremely heart-wrenching.
    • A rare example of a Tear Jerker in the midst of a horrible moment: when Kayako crawls down the stairs towards Rika, she appears to be reaching out to the latter for help, and in one shot her eyes are actually filled with tears. This is the only scene in which Kayako is depicted with such a degree of sadness, and for some, it's difficult to not feel sorry for Kayako at that point.
      • Makes it even more sad as when you hear her traditional death rattle, it becomes a pained wail. Hell, even Kayako's actress, Takako Fuji has stated she feels sorry for her.