Heartwarming: Ju-on

  • Izumi's dream/vision of Toyama. Doubles as a Tearjerker.
  • The brief flashback/residual haunting of Kayako and Toshio in happier times. Toshio is seen running into the kitchen and showing Kayako a picture he drew, while she smiles and admires it.
  • The scene with Toyama and a younger Izumi, when she shows him a picture of angels that she drew in the sand.
  • YMMV, but Toshio's little smile when Kobayashi shows him a picture that the former drew of Kayako and Takeo. It's the only time in the entire series that Toshio is shown genuinely smiling.
  • Depending on your point of view, Toshio's presence during the birth scene could be considered this, in a twisted, disturbing sort of way. He's just so happy to see his mother being reborn (in a sense).

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