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Tearjerker: Gojira
To reierate: This is the darkest Godzilla film ever made in the franchise's overall chronology, and the first film of the franchise.

  • The film is the saddest monster movie. Ever. Why? There's several sad scenes in this film that seperates this from any other film, even American Monster films in the same year this was made. Sure, Terror Of Mechagodzilla and Godzilla vs. Destoroyah are sad in their own rights, but Honda used it in a more darker sense. You also feel sympathy for Godzilla, making as through everyone and everything's a victim of the nuclear apocalyse.
  • Perhaps the saddest moments — or at least the bleakest — came when Serizawa watched the TV coverage following Godzilla's rampage. The shots of the overcrowded hospital, with people (including children) suffering from radiation burns and regular-fire burns, would not have looked out-of-place in a World War II documentary about the firebombing of Tokyo or the atomic bombing of Hiroshima — events which, at the time, were only 9 years in the past and were still part of the viewing audience's direct experience.
  • The moment when Godzilla is burning Tokyo and a mother and her daughter are up against a wall, and the mother is crying:
    Don't cry, we'll be with daddy soon, just a few more minutes and we'll be with daddy again.
    The mother dies in the hospital scene of radiation poisoning, and it's heavily implied that the father is dead, likely from the War.
  • About half the fanbase see this Godzilla as an embodiment of evil while the other half see him as just a confused and hurt animal. His image is softened by the fact he is merely sleeping when Serizawa and Ogata come upon him with the oxygen destroyer.
  • When you have a Godzilla theme that sounds like this, then you know it's not the cheesy giant monster movie the later films became known for, and it shows.
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