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Tearjerker: Defiance
  • If you think about it, Rafe "lost" all of his children in a short period of time. Ouch.
    • Luke was murdered.
    • Quentin ran away.
    • Christie got married.
  • Sukar's "death", poor Irisa.
  • Christie's and Alak's wedding being called off by Datak.
  • After Skevur's plot to kill Stahma fails, Stahma decides to bully Alak into dealing with him. As incompetent as he is, it's still hard not to feel sorry for him when he nearly bungles the job, barely manages to kill Skevur, and afterwards, is so horrified by what he's done that he throws up.
    • It becomes even more tragic in a subsequent episode when Alak learns that by killing Skevur, he's finally convinced his father that he's a worthy successor to his criminal enterprise.
  • The normally hard bitten and stoic Nolan is literally about to break down in tears when he comes to think that his precious daughter Irisa is going around killing innocent people. Unfortunately, it turns out to be something worse... she is unknowingly infecting people with some sort of tech virus.
  • Amanda breaking the audience's heart with five words: "The man who raped me."
    • And then it gets worse. She got pregnant from it, but got an abortion. Connor, who didn't know, though it was his baby that was aborted. It wound up tearing up their relationship, and now that he's dead it can't ever be fixed.
  • In "Put the Damage On" it gets even worse. Amanda hallucinates a vision of Nolan saying horrible abusive things and trying to rape her, and afterwards she won't let the real Nolan anywhere near her. Nolan's stoic facade cracks even more here; he sounds so desperate when he says, "That wasn't me, you know..."
    • The long, lingering final shot of "Put the Damage On" is Doc Yewll walking slowly through a silent, empty Defiance, all alone. It's a powerful visual reminder that everyone else in the town has someone. They may not have a good relationship with all of them, but everyone in Defiance has friends, family, someone they love, or at least someone who looks out for them. Doc has no one. Is it any wonder she's willing to cling so desperately to a warped illusion of the woman she loved?
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