Tear Jerker / Woof Woof Power

Believe it or not, this fanfiction can be sad when it wants to be.

  • Mint's Backstory chapter is filled with funny lines, but the actual story itself is pretty sad. Mint, who was originally a 9-year-old girl named Nhu, was living in a small village in Vietnam during the Vietnam War. One day while out, her and her younger brother return to the village only to find that American soldiers are burning it down and murdering the inhabitants. The two of them and a dog named Salt are the only ones to survive, and they travel very far away to start a new life. Nhu begins work at a noodle shop, and even believes things will get better when she makes a new friend named Ling, but the manager sells her to another man.

    She begins working in that man's hotel, where she is unhappy until she meets the owner's nephew Haku. They start to develop feelings for each other, but during all of this, her brother's become very ill and they can't afford to go to a doctor. Another man named Lord Uzumaki then meets her and instantly takes a disturbing liking to her, much to her dismay, and buys her from the owner of the hotel (though murders the hotel owner anyway).

    Nhu is then forced to live with him, and he makes her marry him. Before they actually get married, he is exposed for his crimes, and Nhu sneaks away and takes her brother before they falsely accuse her as well. The two of them live together in a small makeshift hut near a river, and she can't find any food except for free mints from restaurants to feed her brother with. In the chapter's arguably saddest moment, her younger brother dies of illness and starvation, and Nhu stows away with Salt on a ship that takes her to America.

    In America, she meets a guy named Big D (really named Mickey), and they fall in love over time, but he is a drug dealer and also has a heart condition, which eventually takes his life. Before he dies, he proposes to her as well, which she agrees to. Salt also dies not too long after, leaving Mint and one of Salt's puppies (who she names Mickey) behind. The two of them sneak onto a plane one night, which flies them to Japan, where she is discovered and chased off. She once again begins work, but meets a fortune teller who gives her the power to travel to the future. Mint and Mickey are then sent to the year 2011, where they are eventually adopted by a rich couple, and Mint gets her semi-happy ending.
  • Tieu's death. He had been sick and only eating mints, and couldn't even move (and had to be fed by Nhu). While trying to feed him, he chews very slowly, and eventually stops chewing and won't take another mint. Nhu tries to convince him to eat, but realizes that he has actually died, and she sobs and despairs over the fact that she couldn't take care of him. She gets so depressed that even just her shoes breaking later on causes her to scream and throw them away from her.
    • He stopped chewing. Nhu reached to put another in his mouth but he would not move. "come on" she said "you need to eat it. You need it to get better" but her brother didn't move
    • A sudden scary idea crossed her mind and she stiffened and tears came to her eyes. "eat it" she sjouted. "come on you need to eat"
    • She stopped when realization sunk in and she sobbed and leaned over and shook him. "brother tieu, wake up. No don't do thus to me now" she said sobbing. "you are ok. You be ok. I taked care of you. I promised. I promised." But it was too late. Little brother named tieu was dead.
    • She did not care. She had lost the last person in the world she cared about. She walked and walked for days and night dog was with her. They survived offg the land and eventual her feet blistered. Nhu had to throw her shoes away and walk barefoot because of blister and broken shoe. When she had broken shoes she looked at them and screamed and threw them into a field.