Nightmare Fuel: Woof Woof Power

There are a number of odd sentences and events in Woof Woof Power that could scare you.

  • In chapter 26, a monster bites off Esee's head and then eats the rest of her body. It was also her own monster, meant to attack the Mew Mews.
  • In the Mint's past special, there's a line that says "Dog had to be quiet but it was easy because dog has no tounge. She had starved and eaten it." At first glance, it sounds a little funny, but then you really think about it; the dog bit her own tongue off and swallowed it because she had been starving for a while, and now she can't bark anymore. Squick.
  • Chapter 59, while funny, has some creepy lines at the beginning: "Extra skin my friends live in the walls I have read this to them all :) they listen but they never want to talk like Honda lol and the mirrors"
    • There's also the confusing sentence "He and the rain got heavier and they heard the lightning people in the background". There are.. lightning people in the forest..?
  • Chapter 61 was reportedly written while the author was on Vicodin, and therefore includes some disturbing lines, such as:
    • and he grabbed his shovel and my tooth hurts. accept I dont have it anymore. also there is a spider in the fire. all the skin.
  • In chapter 65, Otachi gets blinded temporarily by blood splatter, and a vampire woman tackles him, pins him to the ground, and starts tearing at his neck with her teeth. She ends up getting stabbed in the head by Honda.
    • Before that, there's this bit: "But before otachi could dwell onit a vampuire attacked at him so he pulled out his wolfe sword. And he sliced and diced and the fingers came off like sausages which I want for breakfast and otachi got sprayed in ythe vamps blond which blinded him temporary."
  • In chapter 65, Winthorpe is also described as having his neck gashed open, blood coming out of his windpipe; "And his flesh was mangled like animal hit by car." Winthorpe is still alive at this point, and looks Ciel in the eyes and tries to speak to him while reaching out his "mangled, bloody fingers", but William Bloodhaven then crushes Winthorpe's skull with his foot. On top of that, he also crushed Dinky the snail at the same time.
    • "There was crunching noise in "WINTHORPE NO" shouted ciel but it was too late. Isaac bloodhavens foot crushed his skull like a grapefruit. And ciel could see the mushy gray substance laying on Williams shoe."
  • In chapter 67, William Bloodhaven throws Tony off the roof of the school, and he lands head-first on the ground. His skull breaks open and blood naturally spurts out (and needless to say, he died).
    • In the same chapter, William Bloodhaven gets shot in the head with an arrow.
  • "William laughed and grinned with sharp fangs he had a thousand fangs and like a sharks mouth"
  • Chapter 68 has the line "and otachi said "I feel better now guys" he hadthrown up his intestinesand put them back correctly"
  • In chapter 74, Hades revives William Bloodhaven, but he doesn't quite come back correctly, due to not wanting to wait for his body to heal. His body is rotting and poorly sewn together with gaps in his skin that leak black sludge, and slugs come out of his ears. An image for effect.
  • Chapter 93 is another nonsensical chapter filled with random sentences and thoughts, but a few of them are scarier than others:
    • "his heart grew 3 sizes that day and he had went into cardiac arrest."
    • "my fingernails feel better because their gone. I ripped them off on the stairs because they itched but now they dont itch they just bleed and feel better because no good burger welcome to good burger home of yhe god burhger can I take my order? :) no"
    • "the flowers spread thorns in my yard and it hurts and my mom told me to clean it up but I dont h ave fingernasilas so it stings because they my new fingernails judging me."
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