* [[spoiler: Emma's HeroicSacrifice]].
** Notice just before she dies, she gives Scott one last little smile.
* Angel's story, [[StartOfDarkness poor guy]].
* Rover's final episode, for Rover himself. Not only does a slapped-together heap of Sentinel parts ''choose'' to come back and save the mutants he has been working with, pulling off an awesome HeroicSacrifice and overriding the KidWithTheRemoteControl, there's also his final scene, where he manages to overpower his [[PokemonSpeak busted voicebox]] to finally say one word that isn't "Destroy": [[spoiler: "Run!"]]
** Arguably, Marrow's actions during that episode as well. Sentinels have been her captors as long as she's been alive, yet her connection to Rover is so obviously strong, as is her grief when he gets destroyed. Just what sort of life has she lived that she can consider a rebuilt Sentinel her closest friend?

* Broo's heartbreak when Idie dances with Quentin and then getting shot.
* Toad in Issue #41.