Tear Jerker / The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

  • The death of Link's Uncle at the beginning of the game-
    Link's Uncle: Link...you must rescue Princess Zelda. Our people are fated to do so. But do not fall victim...to fate... Link...
    I shall always remember... our time... together...
  • The Flute Boy scene. He can't play his flute anymore and asks Link to play it for him. Then he turns into a tree.
    "I just wish I could have seen him... one more time."
  • The credits music. Holy shit, that credits music.
  • The scene that plays if you return to the Sanctuary after getting the Master Sword. There, Link finds the Sanctuary ransacked, with Zelda kidnapped to be used as a sacrifice by Agahnhim, and the Sanctuary Keeper fatally wounded.
  • The comic book adaptation's ending. Link saves the day, kills Ganon and wins Zelda's heart... but they can never be together because he has to guard the Triforce forever, all alone.
    • Ephemerelda crying as she says goodbye to Link.