Funny / The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

  • BOING! This is the Hookshot! It extends and contracts and... BOING! It can grapple many things!
  • Agahnim's weakness? The Bug-Catching Net. Similar to another later (but optional) strategy with Ganon in Twilight Princess...
    • And using the shovel to fight the Agahnim-form of the final nightmare boss in Link's Awakening, or the bottle to fight Ganon in Ocarina of Time- all probably in reference to this, as they involve playing energy ball tennis with unconventional objects instead of your sword.
  • What happens if you attack the chickens one time too many...
  • The dialogue when asking Sahasrahla about the Master Sword:
    Do you really want to find it?
    -> Yeah!
  • If you pound on the dwarven smiths' table with your hammer while they're tempering a sword for you, they'll get angry at Link and tell him "amateurs shouldn't try this."
  • The Japanese commercial is a dance party.