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Tear Jerker: Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
  • When Dastan has to make the Sadistic Choice between saving the world or Tamina. She makes the choice for him by letting go of his hand.
    • When Tamina lets go of Dastan's hand and is about to fall you can clearly see how terrified she is, yet she is still willing to do it to save the world.
  • Sheik Amar and Dastan's sad Ironic Echo.
    Sheik Amar: Have I ever told you about the Ngbaka?
    Dastan: Yes, you have.
    • Fridge Brilliance: The sands reset everything. The happiest part of the ending? Seso is alive!!!
  • The deaths of both Garsiv and Tus are very heartwrenching. The death of Tus was worse though, he didn't even get a single shot in on his treacherous uncle before he drops down dead.
  • The death of Dastan's father Sharaman, you can clearly see the anguished expression on Dastan's face as Bis tries to drag him to safety.
    • The death of Bis shortly after, quick but painful to watch. All he'd ever done was try to help Dastan.
  • He plays the Evil Chancellor straight throughout the movie, but at one time, Nizam and his brother genuinely cared about each other. The former saved his brother's life when they were children while the latter would go on to tell that story to his children, even after he became king. It was clear that Sharaman was truly grateful and never forgot what his brother did for him that day, and the fact that Nizam would become bitter enough to not only assassinate his own brother, but then try to go back in time to avoid saving him makes you wonder what the hell happened to him to shatter such a bond to pieces like that.

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