Tear Jerker / Planetarian

It's Key/Visual Arts. This page is a guarantee. Most scenes covered here are also faithfully animated.

  • Yumemi's eventual fate becomes fairly obvious well in advance, but that didn't reduce its impact when it actually happened.
    • When you see Yumemi's memories, particularly when her coworkers break down crying when they have to leave her behind and can't even tell her why.
      • Planetarian Drama CD: Snow Globe elaborates on this scene. The staff members are leaving on an "extended vacation" which happens to be a cover-up for their evacuation, but since they are not allow to bring personal belongings, INCLUDING ROBOTS, they couldn't bring Yumemi with them. The staff members told Yumemi to stay in the Planetarian with "Miss Jena," and Yumemi promised them that she'll do her best here and wait for them, and also that the staff members deserve a vacation for their hardwork. What makes it even more sad is when one of the staff members is crying, kept apologizing to Yumemi many times for leaving her there and wished they could bring her with them, but Yumemi remains optimistic and says that robots don't need vacation.
    • The line "Why...did everything break...?", as well as the CG of Yumemi's eyes welling up with rainwater, making her look like she's crying.
    • Yumemi's admission that, despite all the time she's insisted throughout the story that based on the evidence she has, she has no choice but to believe that one day customers will return to the planetarium, she really knew better — based on the evidence she had, she knew that they never would. She was so unable to accept this that she decided she must be malfunctioning, and when her diagnostic systems could find no fault with her reasoning, she decided that her diagnostic systems must be malfunctioning as well. She lived in denial for thirty years, believing herself to be broken rather than facing reality, because it was the only way she could go on.
  • The last bit of Yumemi's presentation. It makes sense when you realize she's talking about such an optimistic view of mankind colonizing the stars even after all it's done to destroy itself.
  • Yumemi standing at the entrance on the rooftop endlessly reciting her speech to greet customers that would never come.
  • Near the end of Planetarian Drama CD: Hoshi no Hito, when the Stargazer ( who happens to be the Junker in his elder years) dreams of his meeting with Yumemi, he reverts to his younger self, and has a tearful reunion with Yumemi in the planetarium where he met her, which is now fully staffed and filled with customers. He is pleased knowing that his efforts in spreading the stories of the stars were not for naught, and joins Yumemi as they start the next projection.
    Stargazer formerly Junker: Admist the roaring applause, realization dawned upon me. I am but one of the generations of Stargazers, born from this planet and raised by this planet. Now, I too, will join them in the front seats.
    • What makes it even more sad that this moment is also the Stargazer's last, and the three children cried when they heard the news. Trust me, they're not the only ones crying... But at least the Stargazer passed on in satisfaction.
  • In Hoshi no Hito, the Stargazer comes close to finding a robot body to revive Yumemi, but can't because he gave his successors her memory card earlier, and dies soon after realizing it.