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* ''TearJerker/PaperMarioTheThousandYearDoor''
* ''TearJerker/SuperPaperMario''


[[folder:Paper Mario]]
* Mario falling out the window after being beaten by Bowser.
* [[ Mario and Peach's Theme]] that plays at the very end.
* [[ Peach's Lament]], when she wonders how Mario is after sending Twink to find him.
* The citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom all wishing for the Princess to be alright as you ascend to the final level.
* Peach wishing for the Star Beam to gain power after Bowser cancels it out.
* The after credits scene of Mario and Peach standing in front of Mario's house, watching the fireworks going off at the castle can cause [[SugarWiki/HeartwarmingMoments a different kind of tear]] to roll down your face It certainly gives off the feeling that yes, you finally did it, and now you can rest easy...Pop Diva's song being a part of the music playing certainly fits, here.

[[folder:Paper Mario: Sticker Star]]
* A easy to miss one since the dialogue is obscured, but Kersti's {{Ungrateful Bastard}} rant in Scuttlebug Burrow takes on a new light when you realize that she thought Mario had left her to suffer. She even admits that it was her fault the Royal Stickers were lost.
--> Kersti:You listen to me! When Mario shows up, AND HE WILL, he's going to tear all of you guys to pieces! Mario, you're really taking your time! Where ARE you? What are you doing? Damsel in distress over here! Hellooooooooooooooooooooooooooo?! Don't you think you've kept me waiting a little too long? You didn't go home, did you? [[JerkassRealization Was it something I said?]] What am I going to do? Losing the Royal Stickers is all my fault. Aaaaaaaaah... I can't go back to the Sticker Star like this. Ooooooooh... Why me? Why this? Why now? Aaaah... Awwww... [[JerkassWoobie I want to cry... Wait, I am crying...]] Stupid crying... Sniffle...

* The truth behind the boss of World 4: [[spoiler: Mizzter Blizzard, a snowman who made a wish on the Sticker Star so he wouldn't melt when spring came. He got his wish, but went insane from the Royal Sticker's power. When you defeat him, he apologises for attacking you and hopes that Mario comes back and rebuilds him next winter.]]
* The final battle, when [[spoiler: Kersti sacrifices herself to help Mario. After spending the game yelling at Mario, yelling at Kamek, and yelling about the scenery, she gives everything up to help Mario stop Bowser, and even apologizes for more or less forcing him to begin the journey]]. Should Mario go through with his end of the situation, the player gets a half awesome/half sad ThemeMusicPowerUp to help the impact.
** Also {{Heartwarming in Hindsight}} when you take in the above Scuttlebug Burrow moment. [[spoiler:Perhaps sacrificing herself was her way of making up for what happened?]]

[[folder:Paper Mario: Color Splash]]
* In Cherry Lake Mario runs into a Shy Guy being bullied by other Shy Guys for not joining in with their stack. He's thrown into the waterwheel and becomes a Soggy Shy Guy, but is determined to be himself and stay a single-layer Shy Guy of awesomeness. He also thanks Mario for saving him from the waterwheel.
* The Piper sidequest has color-coded Toads reminiscing about their old friend Piper, with hopes to see him again once rainbow-colored flowers bloom around their favorite tree. [[spoiler:Turns out Piper died, and not in a drained-color way. It's punctuated by the flowers falling off the tree and blowing away]]. It has a happy ending. though, when [[spoiler:Piper reincarnates out of the seed that kicked off the sidequest]].
* On the Sunset Express, a Shy Guy decides to speak with Mario. He laments that he dreamed of going to a far away place, but being in Bowser's army means he has to give up on his dreams. Towards the end of the conversation, he realizes the next time he and Mario meets, they're more likely gonna meet as enemies. [[spoiler: And meet as enemies they do. Later in the game, after defeating a Shy Guy, this one says he's the one from the Sunset Express. He says "If it had to happen this way, I'm glad it was you..." before disappearing... Making matters sadder is enemies in Mario, especially in the Paper Mario series, rarely [[NonLethalKO die]] but respawn, but the Shy Guy's dramatic lines combined with the fact that he never reappears implies he really did bite the bullet.]]
** Making it worse is that [[spoiler:the second encounter is optional, as the Shy Guy is swinging from a trapeze in the forest and can't be attacked unless you wait for the right moment. If you hadn't attacked that Shy Guy, he would've been just fine.]]
* You can die after beating the final boss if you don't save Peach in time, or if you take too long getting out of the castle ''after'' rescuing her. Waiting too long will have the castle collapse completely, killing Peach, Mario, and Huey.
* The ending has [[spoiler:Huey leaving to get rid of the black paint, having to lie to Mario and friends so they'll let him leave]]. Afterward, Peach reassures Mario that no matter where [[spoiler:Huey]] is, she feels he's happy.
* The recurring {{Railfan}} NPC Toad is apparently ''depressed'', as he always says something along the lines of "trainspotting is the only thing that fills up the emptiness in my life" whenever you talk to him.