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Tear Jerker: Noir
  • Noir had an episode with a retired Soviet general who helped people to atone for his crimes. Bonus points for him having a convincing Freudian Excuse and calmly accepting his fate. Chloe's death is also quite gut-wrenching.
  • In episode 13, it was kind of easy to predict that Milosh wasn't going to make it. However, that doesn't make it any less painful to see Kirika crying for him. And then, after Mirielle scolds Kirika for ignoring her warnings; she walks off, and cries a bit as well.
  • Hey, how can you leave out "Morning without Dawn"? The whole episode just rips your heart out and stomps on it over and over. By the ending with Kirika collapsing to the ground begging Mirielle to kill her, we're right there with her.
  • Nazarov's death in "Lost Kitten." The man committed truly heinous crimes in the gulags, in vengeance for being the Sole Survivor of an ethnic cleansing as a boy, and spent his elder years repenting his atrocities by helping the poor. Then the families of his victims contracted Noir. Even seeing what he did and the fact that his reaction is calm acceptance, you don't want Kirika to pull the trigger, especially considering that his death adds to the Cycle of Vengeance. The fact that the situation is drawn from Real Life is even more depressing.
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