Tear Jerker / Muhyo and Roji

Muhyo and Roji being a series in which many people meet untimely demises, naturally has no shortage of tear jerkers for the dead or the living.

  • Nana's father getting sentenced to Purgatory while making a final show of affection for his daughter by patting her forehead, the only way he can do as he is.
  • Ivy's death was pretty much this too. Damn Buhpu!
  • As well as Kid's death, particularly when he admits the error of his ways and states that he wanted to see his parents again, but will see his parents and siblings again in the afterlife. That was one of the most moving moments of the manga.
  • At the end of volume 15 after Enchu is freed from Teeki and turns to the good side, and is subsequently sentenced to life in the Arcanum. The Ship Tease of the scene where he tells Muhyo "I love you," was completely lost upon this troper, who was sobbing her eyes out.
  • Yuki Otada's backstory, a Kids Are Cruel moment of the highest order. He was mercilessly bullied for his size by his classmate, and lost the dog who was his only friend. He had a Hope Spot when his bullies apologized to him, but that was snatched away when he realized that the addresses they gave him were fake and that they were playing a prank on him, leading him to be Driven to Suicide. To put things into perspective, Muhyo, despite having to sentence him to Hell, takes pity on him enough to give him a Lotus-Eater Machine on his way down.
  • "Advancement Denied."
  • The author's note at the end of the last volume made this troper cry for a very long time.
  • Some of the fillers, believe it or not. Several moments with Rio and Biko may also qualify for this.
    • A lot of the fillers, actually.