Tear Jerker / Kanon

  • Kanon 2006. Ending of the Makoto arc.
  • The second to the last episode of Kanon 2006.
  • Mai's arc: snow-bunny zoo. That is all.
  • Three little words with the unending ability to induce tears: Happy Birthday, Shiori
    • Throughout almost the whole time Yuuichi knows her, Shiori never loses her cheerful, calm front, making the few times when she reveals how scared she really is that much more powerful. Two moments stand out: when she and Yuuichi are lying side by side in the snow and she admits, low and scared, that she doesn't want to die, and after she's cured when she and Yuuichi reunite and she cries over her illness for the first time.
  • Anytime "pure snows" plays in the background...
  • When Sayuri is injured by a demon and hospitalized, causing Mai to completely break down and even try to kill herself.
  • Even the often-maligned 2002 anime series hits most of the right tearjerker notes, including the Makoto arc, the opening narrations (especially in retrospect or rewatches), and Yuuichi learning the truth about Ayu's past. Particularly touching in all incarnations is Ayu's wish, "I want you to forget about me."
  • Ayu's Tomato in the Mirror moment upon reaching Ayu's school. ...Or lack thereof. "Am I... Not supposed to be here?"