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Awesome: Kanon
  • The revelation at the end of the 2006 anime version that Ayu used her "last wish" to: cure Shiori's illness so she won't die and leave Kaori bereft, heal Mai after she tried to kill herself and fully integrate Mai's power into Mai, ensure that Akiko wakes up safe and sound after her accident, and wake herself up from her coma. The only heroine she couldn't manage to help was Makoto. So, how did Ayu manage to do all that in only a single wish? Because she didn't wish anyone back to life. She wished for Yuuichi to be happy, and it just so happens that Yuuichi would be happy if the other girls were saved. Doing all that for Yuuichi's sake means, for fans who preferred playing Ayu's route in the game, Ayu's earned the right to be the official couple with Yuuichi.
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