Tear Jerker / Hyperbole and a Half

  • Adventures in Depression offers a very realistic portrayal of depression and the self-loathing that comes with it. Many of the scenes are still funny, but in a brutally depressing manner. "Oh, you're going into the kitchen? Cool. Go fuck yourself." Thankfully, it ends with a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming.
  • Creator Breakdown: In May of 2012, she posted on Reddit to let people know what's going on. The page above was a temporary respite before diving much deeper into depression. Fortunately, she's getting help, has a supportive and caring family, and has received far more messages of concern and well-wishing than anger over her lack of updates.
  • The way her poor dogs freaked out when she moved, although it's as funny as it is sad.
  • Her illness in "Texas" and how it was treated. Aside from dragging her off the racetrack when she collapses and having her stay in the hospital overnight, no one seems to pay that much attention to her. She's able to deliriously wander off by herself and end up in a rough neighborhood, and when she returns she wonders if anyone noticed she was gone. This should not happen to anyone, let alone people who are that ill.