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Tear Jerker: Hot Fuzz
  • The look on Nick's face when it's revealed that Danny is in on the conspiracy. Well, sort of. It's still heartbreaking.
    • There's even a moment where the viewer is led to believe that Danny has killed Nicholas.
  • When Danny gets shot, and then the police station blows up and Nicholas finds Danny, covered in blood, and starts crying, saying, "Everything's going to be fine."
  • Danny facing his dad in the pub on the subject of his mum: If she could see what you've become, I think she'd kill herself all over again.
  • Nick tells Danny not to use the term Traffic "Accident" and instead use Traffic "Collision". When Danny asks why, Nick says that "accident" implies that no one was at fault. Later Nicholas asks how Danny's mother died. He responds innocently that it was a Traffic Collision. While he could just be taking Nick too literally, that could imply that Danny believes that someone was at fault for her death. It's later confirmed that she intentionally crashed her car and killed herself.
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