Nightmare Fuel / Hot Fuzz

  • The death of Tim Messenger was almost too much. The way he staggers for a while...
    • The goddamned MUSIC doesn't help either.
  • The crypts at the castle. Filled with the bodies of everyone the NWA has killed, including such innocents as underage drinkers and Traveller children. There appear to be far more bodies than there are people living in the village. Especially the skeletal remains of the family in the caravan.
  • "We will make Sanford great again" sounds similar to a certain recent slogan that, because of just how the NWA wanted to make their town great again, becomes a lot more chilling.
  • The concept of the town in general, where everything is run by a shady organization more than willing to kill for absurd, petty reasons.
  • Skinner rushing at a defenseless Angel, boxcutter in hand, with pure, blind rage in his eyes. Let's face it: it was pure luck that saved Angel's life, there.
  • The page image of Skinner being impaled. (Although it crosses over into Nightmare Retardant when he starts whining about how much it hurts.)
  • As noted in the commentary track, when Jim Broadbent suddenly reveals himself as evil, it is chilling.
    No, Nicholas. I'm afraid it is you who is going to have to come with us.
  • Adding to the above, Frank's Villainous Breakdown. He just gets more and more unhinged, even willing to kill his own son.
    Frank: You're not seriously going to believe this man, ARE YOU!? ARE YOU!?!? HE ISN'T EVEN FROM ROUND HERE!
    DS Wainwright: [takes off his sunglasses] Maybe. It's time to give it up, sir.