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Trivia: Hot Fuzz
  • Actor Allusion to Shaun of the Dead with the fence-leaping scene, now reversed. Also, "What are you thinking?" "...Pub?"
    • The Cornettos.
    • Yeeeeeaaaah boy!
    • Although unlike Shaun, Angel knows what "exacerbate" means.
    • What's the matter? Haven't you ever take a shortcut before? (*thump*)
    • Danny almost points out to Nicholas that he's got red on him; Nicholas stops him from speaking.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: Of course, Shaun/Tim as Nicholas Angel and Ed/Mike as Danny Butterman.
    • Stephen Merchant, co-creator of The Office as P.I. Staker.
  • Production Posse: From the people — on-screen and off — who brought you Spaced and Shaun of the Dead!
  • Retroactive Recognition: (Probably only to people outside the U.K., who wouldn't be as familiar with Stephen Merchant.) Hey Wheatley, have you always had problems with birds?
  • Playing Against Type: Simon Pegg normally plays lazy slackers, but in this film, he plays a very serious character.

  • Nicholas Angel's service number is 777, also known as the mark of God.
  • A first draft of the script included a female love interest for Angel, called Victoria. She was eventually cut, but many of her lines were transferred to Danny; with very few changes.
  • Sandford is the name used for the setting in all police training roleplays. While Hot Fuzz was filmed in the city of Wells, there is actually a town called Sandford a few miles away.
  • Nicholas Angel is named after the musical supervisor for both Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead, Nick Angel. Also while researching for the film, Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg discovered that a surprising number of police officers were called Nick or Andy; not only adding weight to the main character's name, but setting up the 'Andes' joke with the two Andys
  • Simon Pegg not only underwent weapons training for his role, he lost two stone (around 28lbs) whilst doing so. He also took up jogging, and continued to do so while filming in Somerset.
  • The Somerfield that Skinner runs was not only a real UK supermarket chainnote , the exterior shots are of the very same store that director Edgar Wright used to work at as a teenager. He's even got a brief 'blink and you'll miss it' cameo of pushing a cage in the background.
  • Bill Bailey plays two different characters that share the same service number, 101. One character is seen reading novels by Iain Banks, while the other reads novels by Iain M. Banks. They're both written by the same author, the 'M' just shows that the book is science fiction.
  • The blond haired boy stood next to Nicholas Angel in the school picture, the one who Tim Messenger suggests he lets wear his helmet, is called Gabriel, and actually had a bigger role in the uncut version of the film. This can be seen in the deleted scenes on the DVD.
  • When the chase in the grocery store begins while, Danny is looking at the Bargain Bin DVDs, the DVD he tosses back in the bin lands on a film called "Zombies Party;", Shaun of the Dead's name in Spain.
  • An alternate take puts Angel's arrest record at 400% higher than all other Met officers, rather than just any other. That slight change would put him out of "supercop" territory into "it turns out yes, he is the sheriff of London", and the film makers didn't seem too think much of it.
  • What Could Have Been: The original script had a Buddhist monk in the town instead of Reverend Shooter. This was no doubt changed because an elderly Church of England vicar was a better fit for the village's rural aesthetic, but a Buddhist monk pulling out a pair of guns could have been even funnier.

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