Tear Jerker / Halo: Reach

"There'll Be Another Time..."

  • For the players who were there from the start; just the fact that this game is Bungie's parting shot to Halo franchise as a whole.
  • "Negative. I have the gun. Good luck, sir." Followed by, "This is the Pillar of Autumn. We're away...and The Package is with us."
  • The last level. Reach is covered in dust, fog, and ruins. Painfully beautiful piano music plays. Six stands tall, and watches the Covenant destroy the planet. They get ready for their last stand. It's the end of the Halo saga. As the gameplay begins, the title rolls in: "There'll Be Another Time...". Don't look at me like that, I'm just sweating from my eyes. And if you're not overcome with Manly Tears, you will be by the time you've watched the final cutscene.
    • And just before that, when you know what's coming and you can hear the tone of the music behind Six staying behind to give the Autumn cover.
      • Fridge Brilliance kicks in when you remember the only other time that music is played is during Jorge's sacrifice, the destruction of the Long Night of Solace, and the arrival of the rest of the Covenant Fleet. Subtly telling you that yes, Six is not going to make it, but they have managed to do something monumental with their sacrifice.
    • "I looked up at the sky and saw the last traces of the Pillar of Autumn as she escaped into the heavens. I gazed out at the barren landscape where my fallen brothers lay. I was alone. Covenant drop ships were beginning to swarm around me, I could hear shouts and roars of Elite soldiers approaching in the distance. Death seemed inevitable at this point. There was no escape. No, I thought. This is not my time to die. As I grabbed my rifle, I told myself, "There'll be another time..." - Youtube comment
      • Even more heart wrenching is that Six never even realizes just how important their sacrifice was and how much they actually did make a difference.
      • Do you think Noble Six really cared?
  • The Deliver Hope trailer. Not so much the visuals, but dear god, the soundtrack... Thom (the original Noble Six) dies in the trailer, carrying a tactical nuclear weapon inside a Covenant cruiser. Kat and Carter think they failed him. Holland thinks he was an idiot. They're all wrong.
  • Jorge's goodbye.
    • "Tell 'em to make it count."
      • And then, directly after Jorge sacrifices himself to destroy the ship and tosses you off on your gravity propelled trip to terra, you look to the right to see that his sacrifice is rendered pointless as the ENTIRE DAMN COVENANT FLEET pops out of slipspace, filled to the brim with ships exactly like the one that was about to 'cleanse the taint' all by its lonesome. Because what do you do when something that big wants to kill you? It was made worse by my building hope that, maybe, we can defy canon! Maybe we can save Reach and survive and save them all!... Well, Troper, you were wrong. Completely and utterly wrong. There's nothing you can do. There's nothing anyone can do.
      • Even worse, right after the new Covenant fleet appears, Six lands, wounded on re-entry. With nothing but a pistol, they make it up a hill and spot a large city, mostly smoldering, with a huge Covie ship floating above, while some of the most heart-wrenching music in the entire series plays (Up to 1:28 on this vid).
      • Even right before Jorge's sacrifice, there's a wham moment where the frigate that was escorting you for the entire mission (and whose slipstream drive was cannibalized to make the bomb you're carrying) suddenly gets torn to shreds right in front of your eyes. The music goes solemn right at that moment and stays that way as you're about to assault the corvette's bridge. Yeah, Jorge was the best, but hundreds of people just got vaporized simply to give you a chance of finishing your mission, and it turns out that their deaths were all just as senseless as Jorge's. Cue the blue-screen.
      • Far from senseless. Destroying that Supercarrier killed so many Covenant and such a powerful and expensive ship that it's doubtful they could have died in a more meaningful and useful way. Just imagine if that Supercarrier had been present in the battle for Earth, or the battle at The Arc.
  • Kat's death.
    • Made even more upsetting when you find out through the game's Director's Commentary that Kat and Carter had a relationship prior to the events of Reach, which explains why he ends up being the one carrying her body...
    • If you have subtitles on, it only goes downhill from there. NOBLE Team are not the only ones in that bunker. As shown by the subtitles, civillians have gone in earlier to escape the glassing. They try and comfort each other, but realistically, they're probably terrified for their lives, even as they soothe their companions. When the team is extracted, no one else is there. Make of that what you will.
      Civillian: I don't want to die! Please, let me live!
      Civillian: Shh, I'm here. It's okay.
      • For what it's worth... that Field Marshal is probably the same one you fight at the end of The Pillar of Autumn. It won't bring her back, but... killing him gives you, if not some small amount of Schadenfreude, then at least satisfaction.
  • "You're on your own, Noble. Carter out." (BOOM!) Made sadder when after Carter tells the two surviving Spartans he's going to ram the Scarab, Emile just states unemotionally "Solid copy. Hit 'em hard, boss." It's almost Dull Surprise, but then you realize Emile's been hardened so much by his team's deaths he's unable to show emotion.
  • "I'M READY! HOW ABOUT YOU?" Sayonara, ya crazy bastard...
  • Understanding of the Halo universe will have some Fridge Tearjerker. Dr. Halsey's hostility towards the SPARTANs's was engendered by suspicion, since they weren't "her" SPARTANs. Her attitude change is tearjerking stuff, especially her final farewell to Noble Six.
  • Pay close attention to the bodies around you in Lone Wolf. The Spartan corpses' armor resembles the rest of Noble Team, just different colors. It's like they are all there waiting for you to join them in death. Can also double as a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming, if you look at it as the developers giving Six some familiar company before they die, or that they are still with them until the very end.