Tearjerker / Event Horizon

  • It's hard to watch Weir descend into madness and relive his wife's suicide.
    • A stand out moment from this sequence is the moment of Claire's actual suicide. Weir watches her get into the bathtub and pick up the razor, and all the while he can only helplessly plead for her not to go through with it. Then when she cuts her wrists, he just collapses and sobs about how alone he is. With the amount of grief and guilt Weir was carrying around in him, is it any wonder the Event Horizon was able to manipulate him so well?
  • "…Mama bear?"
    • Justin's reaction after the outer door to the airlock is triggered is heartbreaking. He seems to suddenly snap back to his senses and frantically pleads for his crewmates to get him out of the airlock while they can only look on in helpless horror. And then the screaming starts.
  • The face that Smith makes when he realizes the Lewis and Clark, which he had just finished fixing, is about to explode. Right as he sees the timer on the bomb, his expression is heart-wrenching.
  • Miller's story about the young crewman under his command that he was forced to leave behind in a fire to save the rest of his crew. As he tells the story to D.J., the pain on his face is clear.
  • The entire realization that humanity's attempt to reach the stars leads to nothing but doom. Unless someone invents a Geller field, that is…
  • Miller sacrificing himself so the rest of the crew can escape. Let's just hope his death in the hell dimension was swift.
    Starck: (staring dejectedly into empty space) … Miller…
    • Cold comfort though it may be, the explosion might've killed him long before he was pulled through to that dimension.