Funny / Event Horizon

While this movie is high on the horror, it does have a couple of moments of hilarity.
  • First, after finally having viewed the Apocalyptic Log entry, depicting the insane original crew torturing each other in severely hideous ways:
    Miller:(deadpan) We're leaving.
  • Second, this exchange immediately afterwards:
    Weir: You can't just leave her!
    Miller: I have no intention of leaving her, Dr Weir. I plan to take the Lewis and Clark to a safe distance and then launch TAC missiles at her until I am satisfied the Event Horizon has been vaporized. Fuck this ship!
    • Both of which come off as a severe form of understatement from the sympathetic audience.
  • Mentioned should be made of Cooper, after the Lewis and Clark has been destroyed by a bomb, catapulting a spacesuit-clad Cooper into empty space on a chunk of debris. His reaction to his predicament proves a nice bit of recovery from the emotional punch of the situation:
    Cooper: Why's this shit always gotta happen to me?!
    • Not to mention, when he's zooming back toward the ship, "HERE I COME MOTHERFUCKEEEEERS!"
  • After Weir is blown into space Miller and Stark hear the alarm for the forward airlock and assume the worst. Not taking any chances, they grab large tools from a nearby rack, ready them as weapons, and wait for the airlock to open... only to find Cooper. His reaction to seeing them about to come in swinging is priceless.
    Cooper: Don't hit me!
  • Near the beginning of the film, as Weir is explaining to the crew of Lewis and Clark how the Event Horizon achieves faster-than-light travel by warping space, he pulls one of Smith's centerfolds off his bunk to use as a visual aid. When Smith starts to protest, Miller gives him a solemn pat on the shoulder as if to say "Take one for the team, Smith."
  • This classic:
    Cooper: Want something hot and black inside you?
    Starck flips him off
    Cooper: Is that an offer?
    Starck: It is not.
    Cooper: Well, how 'bout some coffee, then?
    Cooper: Want something hot and black inside you?
    Starck flips him off
    Cooper: Well, how 'bout some coffee then?