Tear Jerker / Bonanza

  • The 14th (and final) season opener, "Forever," was one of the most emotional of the entire series, given that it was the first new episode aired since the death of Dan Blocker, who portrayed the beloved middle son Hoss Cartwright. The emotion kicks in shortly after Little Joe's new wife, Alice, is killed by a ruthless gambler, and her body left to burn. Shortly after Alice's funeral, Joe returns to the charred remains of his house and refuses to leave ... when Ben shows up and tries to ask him to come home. Joe breaks out in tears and adamantly refuses, before he completely breaks down. Ben then, too, loses his emotions and begins to cry, and the two embrace. Years later, the two surviving cast members — David Canary and Mitch Vogel, who played Candy and Jamie, respectively — have said the emotions were genuine ways of both Lorne Greene and Michael Landon releasing their grief over Blocker's death.
    • In the next scene, Joe announces he's leaving, perhaps permanently, to sort out his grief and emotions. After leaving the room, Ben sadly walks up to a dresser, looks at a photograph and leaves the room in near tears. The camera then pans in on a photo of Hoss. Indeed, no direct mention of Hoss' death is ever given, as this is merely implied with the focus on Blocker's photo.
  • "The Decision" involves a doctor who is convicted of murder and sentenced to death. As he's being led up the gallows, he looks back at his wife and says "I love you."