YMMV / Bonanza

  • Ear Worm: DUN dudu DUN dudu DUN dudu DUN dudu DUN DUN!
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: Bonanza was aired in Poland during The '60s (or was it The '70s?...), when people desperately craved anything other than the official propaganda. This was said to result in almost total depopulation of streets around the time of airing. And it can't be wholly dismissed as Nostalgia Filter.
  • Replacement Scrappy: The fourth Cartwright son, Jamie, who was adopted some time after Adam's departure. He wasn't all that liked due to being a Kid-Appeal Character, but he eventually got more respectable as he matured. "The Grand Swing" and "A Home For Jamie" are the two episodes that showed Jamie was not a replacement for Adam, but that Ben had come to love him like one of his own sons. These episodes helped him become a much more welcome addition to the Cartwright crew.
    • Griff, on the other hand, was disliked for being a Replacement Goldfish for Hoss, and in his second episode, he made enemies out of the entire Ponderosa ranch because he was so volatile after spending a long time in a corrupt prison. That didn't earn him much sympathy from viewers, either. He never really outgrew his abrasiveness because the show didn't last long enough to portray him growing out of it.
  • Seasonal Rot: In the final season after Dan Blocker's death, which featured only Lorne Greene and Michael Landon out of the original cast. Not all of the stories were bad, per se (the two-part opener is even recognized as one of the best specials to ever air on television by TV Guide), the main complaint was that Hoss was one of the most beloved characters of the bunch, and his death put out the spark that fueled the series up until now because it felt much colder and lonelier without him, and none of the new additions could ever fill that void. With the loss of Dan Blocker kicking out a bunch of planned episodes and a resulting network decision to bump the show to a less-coveted time slot because that season would run short, the show was dealt a killing blow. Sadly, even though there were follow-up specials and a short-lived prequel series decades later, the surviving cast never got to return.
  • Special Effects Failure: There's an episode where some bandits use dynamite to blow open the safe at the bank. It looks like they just stuck a sparkler on it and rigged the door to fall down.