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This is the page for telling the other contributors how much of a good job they've been doing. If you've seen another contributor's work, and you want to give them kudos, then here is the place to do it.

Remember, this isn't a place to be criticizing people, that would be mean and not tea-worthy at all. For example, if one were to say "Tropers/{{Inu}}'s name is really cool, but I think that his contributor page is too short." one would then be breaking the rules. A proper example would have stopped at "cool," put a period after it, and called it a day. Also, no pimping your own contributor page.

For more information, see our [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:A_nice_cup_of_tea_and_a_sit_down Other Wiki]] counterpart.



* Pretty much absolutely everybody here. There's never been a time when Wiki/TVtropes hasn't been able to make [[@/SylverLining me]] smile. Love you guys.
* Tropers/{{Inu}} for being such a good sport (wan wan!).
* Tropers/{{Q}}, your syntax isn't ''that'' bad.
* Tropers/{{Yog-SoSoft}}, whose name made me laugh.
* Tropers/AuntZelda, for liking [[WebVideo/AtopTheFourthWall Linkara]]. YOU ARE A WOMAN! *punch*
** Tropers/AuntZelda, for being generally an ''incredibly sweet'' (and savvy) person.
* Tropers/{{Gekco}}, because I wanted too.
* Tropers/{{Liirian}}, for being a hoot on Crisis: Averted.
* Whoever created the pages for ''Film/{{Sunshine}}'' and ''Literature/FinnegansWake'' deserves extra sugar in their tea.
** Tropers/LooneyToons is the creator of ''Finnegan's Wake'', and definitely did an excellent job on it.
** Tropers/{{Narvi}}: I believe I started it. Though it was quite some time ago, so the article might have existed beforehand.
* Tropers/DarkSasami, thanks for bringing me a smile with one of your edits.
* Kudos to whoever wrote [[NoOSHACompliance No OSHA Compliance]]'s fantastic introduction. I would argue it is the best introduction (and one of the best trope pages) on this site.
* Tropers/{{Narvi}} for creating Film/{{Sunshine}} (see above).
* Thanks very much to {{@/shadowwolf75}} for improving the ''WesternAnimation/Xyber9NewDawn'' page and pimping it throughout the fanbase. With hot tea and lemon? And to those who greatly expanded the ''Series/LifeWithDerek'' page (with the new system, I can't be sure): with sugar and crumpets?
* Tropers/TheAdvertisementServer for never failing to make humorous quips on the ChurchOfHappyology page.
* To Tropers/FastEddie: One lump or two?
* Tropers/{{Pro-Mole}} for being everywhere.
* Tropers/{{Kittenmommy}} for everything! Love you!
* How about everyone here! I love ALL of you.
** I second that!
* Everyone who contributes to making this a fun and safe place to air any opinion, no matter where from or about what.
* Tropers/BonsaiForest's contributor page is interesting and does a great job at explaining his tastes. His reviews are also informative and well written.
* Everyone who has ever written an example or page that [[TVTropesAsAGatewayDrug has introduced some reader to a work that he or she ended up liking]].
* To stuffedninja: Thanks for being the only guy who edits the page for WebVideo/MatthewSantoro besides Tropers/SWFMax. You rock!
* To whoever it was that invented the Darth Wiki. The ability to make a wiki out of my writing before I'd written it really helped record ideas and get them flowing.
* All y'all who edit Toys/MonsterHigh. Keep it alive... I mean undead! You are the real MVPs.
* To the brilliant geniuses who created all the pages for ''Literature/TheUglyBarnacle''! Such a fine work of literature ''deserves'' to be praised on Wiki/ThisVeryWiki!
* To the people who created SugarWiki/SugarWiki, one of my favorite places on this website!
** Sorry for getting meta, but: To the troper who created ''this'' page! There ought to be more places on the Internet for people to congratulate each other instead of fighting all the time!
* To Tropers/{{Gaon}}, who is so funny and awesome that he deserves MemeticBadass status!
* I'd like to thank [=VenomLancerHae=], for correcting TheStinger on the bottom of WebVideo/CinemaSins. I have no idea how that Tally got so far off.
* Here's to all of you who work on the Self-Demonstrating articles! It takes a lot of work to make them so beautifully in-character!
* Whoever took away the stupid things I wrote on the Horrible/{{Music}} page. They weren't as bad as I thought, so thanks for getting rid of those.
* [=DLAbaoaqu=], for his very funny riffing of ''WebVideo/TheIrateGamer''
Oh! The pot's ready. Milk? Sugar?