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My Little Rainbow Princess Pretty Moon Shortcake Season 1, Episode 4. Preceded by Ermine Cape Defect, followed by This Is Your Premise On Hugs.

Continued from the previous episode, Ermine Cape Defect.

Sparkstrike: Oh, no, I don't talk in capitals at all. What you're watching is simply my naturally loud and impressive voice.
Rainbow Princess: Okay then. (turns to Belle) This is such a world to explore! Suprises around every corner! I wonder what will happen next?
Belle: Anything!

The camera goes into a long shot to show Sparkstrike, Rainbow Princess, Belle, and Sunbow. Then a new pony walks in. They appear to be female, having longer eyelashes, a longer mane, and larger eyes. She is midnight blue with a rainbow mane and purple eyes. The camera entered medium closeup mode again, to focus more on the characters.

Sunbow: Anika! How are you? Did you escape from the enemy?
Anika: Yes. It was quite easy, actually. (notices Rainbow Princess) My goodness, is that the sucsessor of the Empress?
Sparkstrike: Indeed. And doesn't she have such a strange outfit?
Anika: Well, she does. She's also a little smaller than I expected Miss Ponycrown to be, too. But the way she looks can be accepted, because...

The camera goes in for an extreme closeup of Anika's mouth.

Anika: Miss Ponycrown is our only hope. If she can't help us, the whole Pony Empire is doomed.