Sugar Wiki / Flying Up The Slippery Slope

My Little Rainbow Princess Pretty Moon Shortcake Season 1, Episode 2. Preceded by Lyte And Floofy, followed by Ermine Cape Defect.
Continued from the previous episode, Lyte And Floofy.

Christina L. Ponycrown, transformed for the first time into the Rainbow Princess Pretty Moon Shortcake, is trying to restore the Pony Empire. Behind her stretches an expanse of grass and flowers full of cute animals and sunshine. Ahead is an infinite landscape of darkness. Dead trees and black, scorched earth are everywhere. With a wave of her baton, another expanse of dead land is brought back to life. Piece by piece, the Pony Empire is being freed.

Suddenly, a flash of lightning appears in the darkness ahead. A rumbling sound can be heard deep in the ground. The camera turns to look at the ground at the edges of the green area. The grass turns brown and withers away. Christina looks behind her, and sees the living area she enlarged shrinking. All the cute animals inhabiting it cluster around her feet in fear. Soon, nearly all the land is dead like the rest of the world. All that remains is a 3-meter-deep circle around Christina, Belle, and Sunbow.

Belle: What... What happened?
Sunbow: Raw energy, sent by whatever now controls the Empire. It's able to undo any change we make here. I never imagined that dark forces would simply be unleashed over a distance.
Rainbow Princess/Christina: Unleashed from where?
Sunbow: The Palace of Unending Bliss. Or at least that's what it was called back before the darkness took over.
Rainbow Princess: So that power can only be used by whoever controls the Palace? (Sunbow neighs in agreement) Alright, we are Storming the Castle! Er, Palace.
Belle: Is that possible, Sunbow?
Sunbow: Who knows? I've never actually seen the forces of darkness: Anyone who turned was corrupted. But the powers of the Rainbow Princess are great. It's that or stay here, since I can't open a new portal with so little living ground.
Rainbow Princess: Then let's go.

The three set off across the gray lands towards where Sunbow says the Palace is. They are somewhat hindered by the fact that all the cute animals come with them and ride on Sunbow's back, while Belle and Christina walk.
After a brief Travel Montage of barren plains, dark forests, and foggy hills, the group arrives at the base of a steep slope.

Rainbow Princess: Are we close to the Palace now?
Sunbow: This is Regal Climb. It goes upwards, on and on, without end. The Palace is at the top.
Belle: If the mountain goes on forever, how can we ever reach the top?
Sunbow: Hmm... It made sense before... Aha! You always reached the top when you were ready for it.
Belle: So this could take days if we aren't "ready"?
Sunbow: Oh, don't worry, Belle. All you have to do is Climb. All needs are taken care of.

When they set foot on the mountain, though, they find that they slide down. The slope is so slippery, no one can take even a step up.

Rainbow Princess: What's with the mountain? Is it supposed to be all smooth?
Sunbow: Umm... No. It would take powerful magic to make it like this.
Rainbow Princess: Magic? Could I try to stop it? How?
Sunbow: You need to focus. Think only of how you would spread friendship through the action. That's what makes your powers work, after all. When you're ready, wave the Baton-Wand of Warmheart. (The princess stares at him blankly) ...You're holding it.

Christina waves the baton. Nothing happens. She looks at the slope for a moment, then closes her eyes. Her face empties of all emotion... except happiness. For several minutes she stands like this. Suddenly, she opens her eyes, jumps ten feet up in the air, and starts to slowly drift down. As she jumps, she spins around, baton pointing outwards. A beam of rainbow light flies from the baton and hits the slope. The slope shivers and creaks dramatically. Then... nothing.

The Princess is standing on the ground now. In a moment, Belle confirms that the slope is as slippery as before, but is quick to change the subject towards exactly what Christina did just now. The best explanation that anyone is able to come up with is that "it felt right."

Belle: So now what?
Sunbow: We need to get up there, no matter what. It's the only way to reach the Palace.
Rainbow Princess: Hmm... Can I change living things?
Sunbow: Sure.

Christina goes through another jump-spin sequence. The light flies from the baton and surrounds Sunbow. Only an outline can be seen, from which wing's sprout. Once the light clears, the stunned pony canters around in a circle, experimentally flapping the large, rainbow-colored wings.

The story cuts to a montage of the trio flying through the air. And stays there for nearly all of the episode. One background music sequence and a live song follow. A detailed landscape is visible below, green and vibrant, even though the land is supposedly under the sway of dark forces. Upon landing:

Rainbow Princess: That was SO GREAT! We should totally do that more often!
Sunbow: Focus on the task at hand...
Belle: Right, let's go Save the World!

Continues in the next episode, Ermine Cape Defect.