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Shout Out: Unda Vosari
  • Leeroy Jenkins (only mentioned as "Leroy" in the novel) was possibly a former crewmate.
  • Vincent acts much like Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean.
  • Bane is based off of HK-47 (albeit in a fantasy construct sort of way) from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.
  • The hybrids, in Unda Vosari: Chronicles, are told to "Transform and roll out" which is a often-used line in Transformers.
  • Alucard is based off of the lead character from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.
  • Ezra, when chasing Coulton and Natalia, tells them "You’re all going to die down here." Anyone who's seen the first Resident Evil movie would recognize this as a line from the Red Queen.
  • Both Tir Na Eternity and Tir Na Incorrigible are based (in shape) off of a series of servers run by roleplaying groups in Second Life.
    • Some of the characters are based off people and characters who once played in those servers.
    • The Sands (and some of the occupants) are based off of or named after characters that once played in the Sands of Persia simulation in Second Life.
  • The entire plot involving the Eternity Gauntlets and Eternity Gems is an homage to both Mage: The Ascension and The Infinity Gauntlet storyline Marvel did.
    • Mana seems to resemble the Force an awful lot, although it has been adapted a bit for use in the main plot involving the Eternity Gems and Eternity Gauntlets.
  • Originally, Ezra was based off of Urza from Magic: The Gathering (and even given a brother to fight, Ratava).
    • Ratava is simply "Avatar" spelled backwards.
  • Coulton was given the name in homage to Jonathan Coulton.
  • The tagline from the FallOut series ("War. War never changes.") is used in issues one and two of Unda Vosari: Chronicles.
  • The opening speech in issue 26 of Unda Vosari: Chronicles is based off of a scene from Ocean's 11.
    • "I did. It felt a little rushed. Was that good?"
  • Dash tells Vincent, "See you in another life, brother." Fans of LOST may recognize that.

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