Trivia / Unda Vosari

  • Development Hell: Everything beyond the first book except Unda Vosari: Chronicles.
  • Running the Asylum: Stories written involving Lorimarko, Coulton, Dashade and Vincent have been incorporated into the novel(s) and/or short stories.
  • Write Who You Know: The author has admitted that the characters were based off of characters he encountered in a Dungeons & Dragons game he played several years prior.
    • Vincent, Dashade, Michael, Coulton and Lorimarko (the first from the released book, the second having a cameo in the first book and the remaining characters being from the web-based stories) are partially based off the author. Lyri was partially based off an ex-fiancÚ (although she has since undergone a retcon to be no one in particular. Dean is based off a friend (and the character he played) from the original game.