Shout Out: TimeSplitters

  • The Oblask Dam in the Siberia level of 2 may be a shout out to the Bylemore Dam level of GoldenEye 64. Hardly surprising given that some of that game's devs became Free Radical Design members.
  • The Chicago level features a bar called O'Leary's.
  • The Notre Dame level features a hunchback ally.
  • The Neo Tokyo level from TS2 takes its name from AKIRA, but is intended as a homage to Blade Runner. It has the floating cars, the asian influenced culture, and the the incessant 'Cross Now' from the street signs.
    • It also pays homage to Neuromancer, as the protagonist of the level, Ghost, is similar to the character Case. His gallery description mentions an AI Core and lists his occupation as a "cyberjock."
  • Future Perfect features a cyborg monkey that looks suspiciously like a simian RoboCop.
  • It also has a character that, when selected says "Do I have red on me?"
  • In What Lies Below, when Cortez checks the files on Crow's computer and the self-destruction sequence starts, an animation appears with Crow wagging his finger and the caption "You didn't say the magic word".
  • In You Genius, U-Genix, Cortez obtains the ID card of a worker named Dr. Gordon Freeman.
  • Also In You Genius, U-Genix, A fleeing guard cries "Game over man, game over!" A reference to the film Aliens. An earlier reference to Aliens occurs in "Time To Split", when a space marine is heard saying, "Shoot anything with teeth bigger than its face".
  • When selected, the Insetik SD/12 says "By Your Command".
  • Crow's last word is Rosebud.
  • In the opening mission, at one point a soldier shouts that the splitters are "coming outta the walls! They're coming outta the goddamn walls!" in homage to Aliens.
  • The Ghost Gun in the haunted house level is a shout-out to Ghostbusters, but it acts like the Ghost Dematerializer from Filmations Ghostbusters.
  • The soprano Ear Worm that features through the haunted-house level comes from End of Days.
  • The Disco Club ending could be reference to a certain third-person shooter that was also made from devs former company.

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