''Was guckst du?!'' (''What are you looking at?!'') was a [[UsefulNotes/TheBerlinRepublic German]] SketchComedy show, running from [[TheNoughties 2001 to 2005]] on [[UsefulNotes/GermanTVStations Sat.1]].
Host of the show, and also the main actor, was Kaya Yanar, the son of [[UsefulNotes/{{Turkey}} Turkish]] immigrants, and therefore a member of the biggest minority group in contemporary Germany.

His ethnicity was also Kaya's schtick and provided the general theme of his show: All the cultural quirks, differences and conflicts that appear when people of different ethnicities meet each other, were played out in an [[NationalStereotypes exaggerated]] and [[RuleOfFun comical way]]. (And not just people of his own ethnicity were spoofed by Kaya, but also [[WigDressAccent many others]].) Theoretically, this kind of show [[OnceAcceptableTargets could go horribly wrong]], but the fact that it was very popular among native Germans ''and'' immigrants alike, proofs that Kaya [[AffectionateParody did it right]], most of the time.

The ethno-comedy even starts at the show's title: Of course it refers to the fact that you are watching a tv-show, but it is also what a foreigner would say if he is irritated by you staring at him just because he looks different.

!! This show contains examples of the following tropes:

* TheAllegedCar - Yildirim's car - who is a driving instructor! The car's most bizarre feature is not part of the car itself though: It is the enormous washing machine strapped onto the roof, parodying the stereotypical disregard of German traffic regulations by immigrants.
* BollywoodNerd - The Indian Ranjid seems to be quite nerdy. (He dresses awkwardly, he does understand a thing or two about computers, and one sketch shows the clerk of a record shop mocking Ranjid for demanding the [[CrowningMusicOfAwesome theme music]] of the German dub of ''Anime/CaptainFuture''. )
* ButtMonkey - The Wetterarsch (Weather Ass [[note]]The part of the body, not the animal. Yes, the first half of the trope is actually in his name![[/note]] ). [[EmbarrassingNickname That's how Hakan calls]] the weatherman of his NewsParody. And no matter what the Wetterarsch does, Hakan always gets the opportunity to punch him in the face. ''[[OnceAnEpisode Always.]]''
** Also, Yildirim's driving student and later suitor of his daughter, played by the same actor.
* CatchPhrase - ''Guckst du hier!'' A [[JiveTurkey rather colloquial]] way of saying: ''Please watch this!'' This is how Kaya announces sketches and clips.
** Also Hakan's ''Du kommst hier net rein!'' This is [[JiveTurkey his way]] of saying ''YouShallNotPass!'' - a very useful sentence if you happen to be a bouncer!
* {{Determinator}} - Hakan takes his job as club bouncer [[SeriousBusiness very seriously]]. Not even the GrimReaper can enter the disco without Hakan's permission!
* InMyLanguageThatSoundsLike - Kaya often showcases clips of shows from foreign countries, where things said there sound like {{Mondegreen}}s to German ears.
* JiveTurkey - Especially Hakan speaks in the slang of the Turkish minority. (Which makes the last half of this trope's name [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin literal]] in an unexpected way...)
* LatinLover- The Italian Francesco always tries and [[FailureIsTheOnlyOption fails]] to be this. The standard situation is him having a romantic date in a restaurant - and then he says something really inappropriate, causing the woman to leave immediately. The sketches always end with him asking for the bill in a frustrated voice. (''[[CatchPhrase Zahlen!]]'')
* NationalStereotypes
* NewsParody - The ''Tagesguck'', a spoof of the ''Tagesschau'' (Germany's most famous news show), with [[WTHCastingAgency bouncer Hakan as the anchorman]].
* [[PrettyFlyForAWhiteGuy Pretty Fly For A Non Turkish Guy]] - The [[ButtMonkey poor]] German guy who wants to marry Yildirim's daughter and tries to impress her father by adapting to Turkish lifestyle. It doesn't help much that Yildirim only uses this as an opportunity to make up [[CrazyCulturalComparison bizarre and humilating customs and rituals]].
* SelfDeprecation - A Turk making fun of Turks. Duh!
* WigDressAccent - Most of Kaya's roles require this.
* WTHCastingAgency - One in-universe example is Hakan, the tough broad-shouldered bouncer, as news anchorman.