A Creator/ComedyCentral show in which two people, pop-culture phenomena, objects or whatever else are put on "trial" to determine which is the titular Root of All Evil (of that week). Examples; Kim Jong-il vs. Tila Tequila, Beer vs. Weed, [[Creator/OprahWinfrey Oprah]] vs. the Catholic Church, Creator/{{Disney}} vs. Scientology.

The format of the show is Creator/LewisBlack playing the "judge" of the court and two rotating comedians play "lawyers", each arguing that the other's subject is more evil than their own.

Not to be confused with the documentary by UsefulNotes/RichardDawkins, ''The Root of All Evil?''.

* ButtMonkey: The late Creator/GregGiraldo appeared in nine episodes, and only came away with a grand total of ''two wins'' during the show's run.
** Even more ironic when you consider he was a lawyer in real life before quitting to do stand-up comedy full-time. Then again, many other comedians started outside of show business.
* TakeAThirdOption: Done at least once.