Series: Earthsea

Earthsea (originally titled Legend of Earthsea) is a 2004 Sci Fi Channel miniseries very loosely based on Ursula K. Le Guin's Earthsea Trilogy. It stars Shawn Ashmore as a wizard named Ged.

This TV series provides examples of:

  • Literal Genie: The dragon Orm Embar, after Ged speaks its true name and forces it to give him some information instead of eating him.
    Orm Embar: Two questions, wizard, and two questions only.
    Ged: Isn't it usually three?
    Orm Embar: True, but with that you're back to two.
  • Race Lift: Although many of the characters in the novels were dark-skinned, the cast of the mini-series is very white apart from Danny Glover as Ogion and Kristin Kreuk as Arha/Tenar (who actually was white in the novel).
  • Sexposition: Early in the first episode, King Tygath and Kossil exposit their plot to take over the temple on Atuan and release the Nameless Ones as Kossil strips to join Tygath in bed.
  • Two Halves Make a Plot: Each of the protagonists unknowingly hold onto a half of the Amulet of Peace, the MacGuffin necessary to literally close the door on a realm full of unspeakable evil.

Alternative Title(s):

Legend Of Earthsea