Running Gag / Adamant Ditto

Because there are so many running gags with Adamant Ditto, there is now a page specifically for them.

  • The brain couch.
  • The repeated mention of the "Adamant Ditto Soundtrack". which includes classic's like Josh's rendition of the Sonic 2 Special Stage theme.
  • Making fun of Wily and Light's Rockboard
    Matt: And we are going to be celebrating our fiftieth (let's try that again) with the one, the only...
    Ricky: Wily and Light's Rockboard!
    Matt: Super Mario 64, you fucking troll.
  • "Look, you're mad? But you can't be mad, cause you ordered me a chili dog! Chili-chili-chili dog!"
    • Recently, whenever anybody uses this running gag, Josh likes to follow it up with "STALE JOKE AGAIN!"
  • "Super Sonic is faster than regular Sonic."
  • "The Koopas wear shades to show that they're evil."
  • "You're a loose cannon, Ricky."
  • "Whoa, wait. You can kill Chuckya?"
  • "I'm gonna take you for a ride!"
  • "No, you're fockusing!"
  • "It IS Top Spin!"
  • "I didn't know trains were living beings."
  • Jimmy and Bimmy, the greatest Pokemon commentators.
    • An unintentional running gag, Jimmy and Bimmy getting their names mixed up.
  • Kebabs.
  • Robot master
    • Whenever someone says something followed by "man" Josh references the Megaman robot masters. This often results in Ricky getting annoyed with Josh.
  • In Sailor Moon R, Ricky and Matt fighting over who's hotter.
    • The joke returns in Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon.
  • Making any variation of a "Thinking with Portals" joke throughout both Portal Let's Try That Agains.
  • Oftentimes, when Ricky exclaims "Oh shit!", Josh will follow it up with "It's the SA-X!" or "NOVA blows up!" Both being references to things Ricky has said before.
  • Some running gags actually come in the post editing phase of the videos. Recently, whenever Kyle excitedly says "Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!", a picture of a smiling monkey appears on the screen.
  • "What does that have to do with Fossil Fighters?"
  • Disco Omastar
  • "This is getting Cofagrigus."
  • From Aladdin, "He's got a sword!" "You idiots, we've all got swords!"
  • Josh is trying to get "nipped that in the bud" to catch on.
  • Whenever someone says something random or just weird, someone else is bound to say, "That's an intro quote." If the person continues to say random weird things multiple times, someone else will usually say something like, "You're just fishing for intro quotes!"
  • Whenever Matt uses his "rap team" in Pokemon Showdown, he'll usually recite a part of a rap by whatever Pokemon he's using.
    (sends out Drake the Scrafty)
    Matt: Last name ever, first name greatest...
  • Some running gags even come from the fan community. For example, whenever anybody comes back from being away, it's common for somebody else to great them with "Warner Bros." This comes from Don taking the abbreviation for "Welcome Back," WB, in a different direction and fan (maryann2573) bringing it up in pretty much every stream from that point on.
  • Another fan created running joke is "Vote Jess." "Vote Jess" references a joke made about Jess running for senator after Adamant Ditto ends.
  • The fact that the group relies so heavily on running gags has become a running gag in and of itself. Often times, when a long-running gag is mentioned, someone will make fun of it and claim they only have "six jokes."
  • "He got two!"
  • Usually when Jess laughs, #Jess Laugh pops up on the screen.
  • During Alien vs. Predator:
    "I GOT IT."
  • Ricky has run with a few in the editing for FF7:
    Any time somebody says the word "buggy" (one of the vehicles you use in the game), an image of the One Piece character appears on screen for half a second.
  • Playing/singing the song "I Will Remember You" by Sarah Mc Lachlan whenever something is either dead or joked about being dead.
  • Don's mom often interrupts the videos by coming into Don's room, resulting in somebody making the joke "Special guest, Don's mom!" or, as the stream chat call her, "Don Mom."
  • "Ricky come back!"
  • Fruity Yummy Mummy
  • Ridley being "too big" for the Super Smash Bros. series
    This is also referenced in the "Shrek Swamp Kart Speedway" LTTA, in which Dragon is described as the "Ridley of this game".
  • "Donkey's Giant Log Morass"
  • While playing "Shrek Swamp Kart Speedway", the group often mispronounce (of intentionally mistake) the name of the game.
    Often, the name becomes "Shrek Swamp Sweepway" or something similar.
  • Anytime anyone says the word "goofy", Josh will also say the word "Goofy!" imitating the Disney character, Goofy.