Funny / Adamant Ditto


  • Matt and Kyle are arguing over when the Stream started
    Kyle: We we're there when he woke up and there was a toilet... *starts laughing*
    Matt: There. was a toilet.
  • Don gets everyone started on doing impressions of the sound the Aperture Science Unstationary Scaffold makes.
    Matt: Wopwopwop, That's-That's my Dumbstep, my Dumbstep? My Dumbstep...impression.
  • Don's excuse to leave.
    Don: Be right back guys, I gotta open the garage.
    Kyle: *Laughing*, I gotta go open the garage, That's gotta be one of the weirdest excuses I've heard *unintelligible*
    Matt: Yeah, I gotta go open the garage...Yes.
    Kyle: I gotta go, uh, release the Genie...
    Don: Ok, I'm back.

Mega Man 2

  • Kyle: If you do that (beat the game without dying to any boss), I will eat my Pokewalker.
  • This exchange during Metal Man:
    Phil: That's good, uh, three button fire. Is that auto fire?
    Ricky: Yeah, it's rapid fire. Do you not want me to do that?
    Phil: No, I just thought, y'know, you were going to demonstrate some gaming skill and not pathetic cheats for noobs.

Mega Man 3

  • During Gemini Man's stage, David wants Ricky to use Rush Marine. Ricky instead uses Rush Jet.
    Ricky: I use it more in the Doc Robot stage where there's more water, but here it seems like, "Why bother"?
    David: What? 'Cause there are two energy tanks and an extra life...
    (Ricky grabs E-Tank with Rush Jet)
    David: ...or you could just use your submersible Rush jet. There's only one level in the game where you can use it in, and you're like, "Nah, let's do some Tony Hawk shit."
  • This exchange:
    Ricky: I decided to start with Doc Robot.
    Kyle: No man! I wanted you to start with Doc Robot!
    Ricky: You could make a case for Doc Robot or even for Doc Robot, but I decided to go with Doc Robot.
  • Whenever Ricky rhetorically asks what the Robot Master's weakness is, David always says Top Spin. Then, Heat Man happened.

Metroid Fusion

  • Josh is just a fountain of Funny in this one, from the status of Nightmare's finances, to whether or not door deserve being shot, as well as the function of a Science Hallway (links and exact wording to come):
    Ricky: [Something along the lines of "Man, Nightmare's causing a lot of damage to this space station"]
    Josh: He doesn't care, he doesn't have to pay for it.

Kirby Super Star

  • When Ricky (Kirby) gives Don (Helper) the Parasol ability:
    Don: I don't wanna be Parasol, what the fuck!?!?!
  • After beating Marx:
    Ricky: Oh shit son, Nova blows up! (explosion noise)
    Josh: Kaboom.
  • And who could forget?
    Josh: Everytime I face this boss, I always say, "STOP HITTING YOURSELF," like a little Jew...jerk

Sonic the Hedgehog 2

  • Matt and Ricky are discussing whether or not the gems in Mystic Cave Zone are cabbages.
    Ricky: Mystic Cave Zone has the best preservatives so the cabbage gets very hard.
    Matt: It's for the robot lightning bugs.
    Ricky: No, you IDIOT. It's gem stones!
    *A few seconds later*
    Matt: Don't fall down the pit of doom.
    Ricky: I gotta tell ya...
    *Jess laughs*
    *Sonic loses his rings*
    Ricky: It's a little late for that!
    Matt: YOU FELL DOWN IT?! You -
    Josh: Ohhh!!
    Matt: You're the idiot!
    Josh: Ho ho... oh my God...

The Typing of the Dead