Roleplay / Raharigan Series

To us belongs the world
Seaberg Creed

In the world of Raharigan, a land where the elves are gone, the orcs are forgotten and the dwarves might never have existed the mighty Empire is by far the strongest power on the continent. The unnamed Empire has crushed all opposition with its formidable legions. Never in history has any nation been greater, nor any army stronger, nor any court as deadly as those belonging to the elected Emperor. The emperor in question is chosen by the Eight Families, the high nobles of the Empire, whom is elected from one among them to become the next emperor, but this is always precluded by weeks of deadly court intrigue.

So what happens when other forces enter the scene? Forces both new and old, like the dreaded Eight House, the family of Daeva, whose ancestors ar rumored to be demons come unto earth, or new ones like the fanatical Deoists, Christian Communists hell-bent on a nation without money, nobles or argument against them? Add to this old rivalries between the families as well as the might of Vividia, the southern centralized kingdom, the fury of the Nordic Confederacy, the northern barbarians, as well as the double Vizirate of Parthia and Nubia to the east, across the Steppes of Gray?

Simply another day in the Empire, really.

This is a Tabletop Game campaign originally designed for minor nobles but has expanded to meet demands for people from all classes of society. Battles between nobles, both physical and intellectual, are still the focus though, and high politics are a staple of the series.

Other staples are the subversions as well as the reconstructions. Very few things are what can be expected, especially when they expect the unexpected, where it happens to be the expected that happens (got that?).

One campaign has been concluded, with status quo firmly in grasp, before the arrival of the deoists. One other is being played out right now and a third is under planning.

This game provides examples of:
  • Affably Evil: House Daeva in general and Daevan zi Daeva in particular.
    Daevan - Yo! *points at the hideous abomination that is the Demon God Dae come to life* There's pa! He's happy to see you, and so am I!
  • Aristocrats Are Evil: Subverted. Most nobles try to make the world better, or at least think that they are not harming it.
  • A World Half Full: The nobles are caught up in their own powerstruggles, the Deoists are fundamentalists dying from the inside, and the people die in petty civil wars. Yet noone is truly evil and all try to make the world better. Even the nobles think that everything they are doing is right and helpful and some are even right.
  • Badass Boast: Almost all the creeds. Especially notable is Seaberg creed for it's sheer boldness ("To us belongs the world").
  • Church Militant: The Deoists have the Seraphim knightly order and the sneakier Angelus.
  • Cult: The Deoists, of course.
  • Deadly Decadent Court: The Imperial court is indeed dangerous, but reaches deadly levels mostly only during elections. Then, on the other hand...
  • Dirty Communists: The Deoists again, although in a form of religion.
  • The Empire: Duh. Although they are more like a republic in some aspects. They are also the arguable Good Guys.
  • Evil is Sexy: The whole of clan Daeva is demonically hot and devilishly sexy. Literally.
  • Rousseau Was Right: A theme of the series is that people universally try to help. Everything just screws up regardless.