Recap / Welcome to Night Vale - Ep 23 - Eternal Scouts

"We report only the real, the semi-real, and the verifiably unreal. Welcome to Night Vale."

Two of Night Vale's Boy Scouts reach the final rank of Eternal Scouts, and a ceremony is held in the Vacant Lot Out Back of the Ralph’s. Scout Master Earl Harlan is mentioned. And Khoshekh has given birth to a litter of adorable floating kittens! Somehow.

Tropes in "Eternal Scouts":

  • Mr. Seahorse: Khoshekh is a male cat who has given birth. Cecil is unconcerned about how this happened.
  • Ship Tease: Scout Master Earl Harlan says "We could have had something, Cecil. Always remember that," which has led many to conclude he and Cecil were romantically involved in the past. Word of Dante has said they're just friends, though.

"Today's proverb: Mommas, don’t let your babies grow up to be cowboys. Show them pictures of cows when they’re young, and administer brief electrical shocks."