Recap / The Wild Wild West S 2 E 24 The Night Of The Colonels Ghost

West and Gordon are escorting President Grant to San Francisco and make a stopover in Gibsonville, where he has been invited to dedicate a statue of a fallen Union hero. West rides ahead only to find the town deserted; a series of mysterious murders accompanied by equally mysterious organ music has driven most of its inhabitants away. President Grant, however, insists on going through with the ceremony. He gives the agents 24 hours to figure out what's going on and put a stop to it.

Tropes present in this episode:

  • Evil Former Friend: Colonel Gibson to President Grant. Turns out Gibson didn't die in that battle and, along with an accomplice, is behind all of the murders. He wants everyone to leave before someone else locates his father's fortune.
  • Imposter Forgot One Detail: Artie disguises himself as Grant and pulls off the deception - until he gets his Civil War battles a little mixed up.
  • "Scooby-Doo" Hoax: The murders are supposedly being committed by Colonel Gibsonís ghost. That turns out to be partly true - he is committing the murders, but he's very much alive. Until the final scene, that is.
  • Ten Little Murder Victims: The inhabitants of the town are being picked off one by one. The only reason everyone hasn't left is because there's a missing fortune in gold bullion hidden somewhere in town.
  • War Is Glorious/War Is Hell: After describing the tragic circumstances under which a Union colonel and his company were wiped out during the Battle of Fort Stedman, President Grant asks about a wooden model which Artemus Gordon has been working on. Artie illustrates the features of his "landcrawler" (a.k.a. a tank) and mentions that it might eliminate the need for cavalry.
    President Grant: "You know, Mr. Gordon, it's men like you who'll eventually take all the fun out of war."
    (Artie looks at him in disbelief)