Homer is forced to convert Lisa's room into a cellular phone tower to pay off damages done to the Bill of Rights at the local Smithsonian, and she hates him as a result. They try to reconcile with each other by trying sensory deprivation tanks. Meanwhile, Marge gets addicted to eavesdropping on cell phone calls.

!! Tropes:
* BaitAndSwitchComment: When Lisa looks at UsefulNotes/AbrahamLincoln's hat.
-->'''Lisa:''' America's greatest citizen summed up in one piece of clothing.
-->'''Homer:''' (''offscreen'') [[Series/HappyDays Fonzie]]'s jacket!
* DeniedFoodAsPunishment: Bart and Lisa take turns picking the family activity Homer will take them. When Bart reveals that he traded his turn for Lisa's dessert, resulting in Homer having to go to a boring place, Homer punishes him by denying dessert. Bart then offers to trade his next activity choice for Lisa's dessert. To Homer's dismay, Lisa agrees.
* LiteralMetaphor: Homer using the Bill of Rights to shield himself against the guards, complete with the line, "I am so sick of people hiding behind the Bill of Rights!"
* MadeOutToBeAJerkass: While in the deprivation tank, Lisa imagines herself as Snowball II. When Maggie tries to grab her with dirty hands, she swats her away, resulting in Marge hitting her with a broom for hitting Maggie.
* ParentsAsPeople: Lisa learns this by seeing herself from Homer's perspective: badgering him for sleeping through a ballet recital. Lisa realizes that while her dad is far from perfect, he loves her enough to take her to places that only she would enjoy.
* PoliceBrutality: The security officers who cornered Homer seemed pretty disgusted at the fact that Homer was protected by the Bill of Rights, and seemed pretty happy when he accidentally licked off the part prohibiting cruel and unusual punishment.
* SkewedPriorities: Homer grabs the Bill of Rights and sits down in [[Series/AllInTheFamily Archie Bunker's chair]], batting it around a bit. The security guards, aiming their pistols at him, demanding only that he get out of Archie's chair, [[SubvertedTrope at first]]. They are even more outraged when they realize he has the Bill of Rights.
** When Homer - half-asleep - is listening to a Big Band/Standards radio station and the DJ is doing a "remember when" spiel to set up the next song - Homer thinks he's traveled back in time and plans to warn people about UsefulNotes/AdolfHitler coming into power -- and getting five-cent ice cream.